Business Insurance Audit

We will carry out a confidential insurance audit on your existing schedule of cover.

The audit report will:

  • Assess the scope of your existing cover – are you getting value for money?
  • Highlight potential areas of exposure to you & your business
  • Prepare a detailed submission to present to all major Insurers in advance of your renewal date – a professional presentation will receive more favourable recognition and attract competitive terms
  • Prepare a renewal presentation to your existing Insurers – are they aware of improvements in your work standards, acquisition of modern equipment, changes in your work practices? How your risk is presented will have a significant bearing on the rating
  • Advise on risk management techniques to improve loss prevention, reduce and avoid claims. As commercial insurance markets improve risks presenting with clean records and good risk management awareness will receive favourable recognition

A large manufacturing client moved from an old premises to a state of the art modern plant which significantly improved the insurance companies exposure to claims and loss. A professional renewal presentation coupled with the implementation of a risk management programme achieved a saving of €30,000 on the renewal terms. A comprehensive review of outstanding claims also saw inactive incidents closed off which significantly improved their loss ratio.

To arrange an audit complete the register below and submit. Our commercial account manager will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient appointment.

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