Risk Management/ Health & Safety

The area of Health & Safety on the factory floor, in your shop/pub, on your farm or in the office/surgery is now an important component in your complete insurance portfolio. Preparation of a Safety Statement to comply with your statutory obligations, hazard identification, employer and employee training are just some of the areas our Risk Management Consultant can provide expert assistance.

With spiraling insurance costs the prevention of accidents and claims is crucial to every business. It is not possible to legislate for every eventuality but through the implementation of a comprehensive Risk Management Programme the frequency of incidents and subsequent claims can be kept to a minimum. This is vital to prevent your insurance costs going out of control.

A comprehensive Risk Management Programme should compliment your existing insurance portfolio – providing cover against claims is one aspect of our service, preventing the claim is far more important to you and your business. Complete the details below and we will arrange for our Risk Management Consultant to contact you to discuss your requirements and arrange a suitable appointment to visit your premises.